Alraaya Drug Store

Al Ain , UAE

Al Raaya Drug Store provides outstanding service and a wide range of health care products for hospitals, aged care, disability facilities and domestic situations. Our well trained team assist with clients needs efficiently, find the most appropriate equipment at a great price.


Established 1996 in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates. We started as single pharmacy and expanded to 5 pharmacy. We established a medical centre and two dental centers.


In 2005 we started distribution business for pharmacies and hospitals starting from our area (Al-Ain) until reached in 2008 allover the country.

Today we cover more than 1.000 pharmacies, supermarkets and 12 Hospitals in U.A.E & Oman with continuing expansion and growth.


Examples of our brands and products:

  • Novamed Limited personal care and blood pressure monitors, scales, thermometers, stethoscopes

  • Rehan International (Taiwan) orthopedic bracing, rehabilitation products ,sports and medicine supports

  • Zibo Yuehang Industrial and trading company (China), hospital instruments and medical diagnostics

  • French Oil (Made in Malaysia)

  • UR Protected Latex Examination gloves (Made in Malaysia)

  • Nutec Nebulizers (Made in India)

  • Body Organics Hair Color (Made in India)

  • Elina Henna (Made in India)

  • Audi Sound Hearing Aid

  • Soft Life Pillows and Cushions (Made in Turkey)

  • Tung Gel and Brushes (Made in USA)

  • Hansal Vitamins and minerals and Trace Elements (Made in Germany)

  • Many other companies locally and internationall

Health Care & Medical Supplies
Central Office

Main Services:

  • Rehablitation & Mobility Products such as Wheelchairs, Power Chairs, Walking Sticks & Crutches, Rollators and Walking Frames

  • Bathroom and Toilet Equipment

  • Aids to Daily Living

  • Care products like for Wound Care, Bandages, Gloves

  • Measuring devices such as Blood Glucose meter, Blood Pressure Meter, Thermometer, Scales etc.



  • Health Care

  • Hospitals

Alraaya Drug Store

Office No 5, 1st Floor, Saeed Souhil Building, Al Yahar

P.O.BOX : 81235, Al Ain

United Arab Emirates



Mr. Moidunny Sudheer

Tel: +971 3 7817804

Fax: +971 3 7815994

Mobile: 00971507735208